No Fee Cleanouts

No Fee Cleanouts

YBC has developed a "No-Fee Cleanout Program" to accommodate large companies that typically show a net negative in their asset disposition efforts. This program offers the standard services for asset recovery but does not charge any of the fees usually associated with this process.

YBC will provide freight services, equipment inventory/audits, data wiping, reporting and recycling free of charge. We will take ownership of all assets removed and provide a "Certificate of Asset Transfer" to document the chain of custody and help provide indemnification. We also provide a Certificate of Data Wipe and Certificate of Recycling where applicable.

The benefits of a No Fee Program are obvious. A typical Asset Recovery program scenario usually goes something like this:

  • Vendor picks up equipment and bills for freight
  • Vendor Audits/Inventories equipment for fees
  • Vendor provides fee-based data wipes.
  • Vendor sells equipment and splits revenue with Client, but not before taking fees out.
  • This scenario is the most common in our industry. Some months the clients may make some money, other months the fees wash out any revenue. Overall this typically translates to an annual net negative. The YBC No Fee Program eliminates the guesswork and guarantees that the client will never receive a bill for any service we provide. Taking ownership of the assets on the date of pickup also provides our clients with a strong level of indemnification.

    Ask us today if your company qualifies for a No-Fee Cleanout Program.